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Our Spy Phone App can also help in case the gadget is stolen as the GPS tracker will point out its position instantly, and this spy app for phones will even allow you to wipe out info and control the gadget remotely. Our phone spying app is easy to install and even easier to manage. You can download it directly from the website or Google Play Market. Follow the step-by-step guide to install it and set up your account.

An important thing you need to know is that this phone spy is not a phone hack. You can use it anywhere and anytime. This application is more than a mere phone spy. Monitoring and recording calls through it allows you to keep your children safe, helps your business prosper, and ensures you never forget an important conversation or lose your precious gadget and invaluable data stored on it. Log in Forgot Password. It helps protect your phone from physical installation of spy software but can be bypassed but in the case of the iPhone some programs can access iCloud backups and spy that way.

Read my mSpy review for details on this. I have an android. Is than an app for scanning my phone for a spying app? There is nothing that works reliably though some make claims.

Anti virus does not flag up modern spy apps with any reliability. Mike, I noticed these sites that claim to be able to monitor your cell phone text messages and your location all by simply typing in your cell number. Are these legit? If so how do you protect against?

I keep tight control on my phone so no app was physically loaded on it but I suspect my messages are being monitored. Thank you.

Who Needs to Secure their Cell Phone?

Thanks for all of your info. I really appreciate it. I have a galaxy nOTE 3. A factory reset and password change should be sufficient to wipe clear any past information that could be subjected to spying. On previous information? Yes — that is correct. Remember the factory reset will remove everything from the phone — including your contacts, photos, apps etc. You can back up what you need and then restore it after the reset. Seems like they all have wifi. It can by using iCloud backup monitoring no software is actually used on the target device — and they need your ID and password read my mSpy Review for the details on how it works.

To stop that method working you need to stop using iCloud backups or change to a new account. Hi Michael, So as long as backup iCloud is turned off. The person cannot monitor the target phone. Is that correct? But this only relates to the no jailbreak versions — actual spy software can be used if physically installed on the target device. I know for a fact that a PI is tracking me. Can you give me some advice please? If a PI is tracking you without your consent using spy software — it is definitely illegal. You should get legal advice and then remove the software from your device.


Cell Phone Spy - Monitoring Software, Mobile Spy App by XNSPY

Good luck. Hi Mike, I noticed a cydia app and phone monitor app on my iPhone 6, though it is hidden but does that apps means am been monitored. Sounds like a real possibility. Cydia shows that it has been Jailbroken — phone monitor app? Grateful that you have posted all this info. As someone said in a previous post, this cost thousands to prove harassment and stalking, and at least with the help you have posted here, I have cleaned up my phone.

Phone spy app

And gained a little piece of mind. I can not believe how many people besides myself have had this happen to them. Ehh … No. I just assume they are! This included an iPhone, iPad, and a Kindle Fire. All without my knowledge. Proving that he did it will cost me thousands of dollars I do not have, but cyber stalking is highly illegal. Any suggestions? Sorry to hear your troubles.

You could make a complaint to local law enforcement — they may not be able to do much without evidence but at least it would be on record for any future problems. Other than that, I would factory reset each device and see if you can get them working again — then be sure to protect them going forward. Good luck and thanks for your comment. Have a look around this site to find out what the different programs can monitor.

Serious About Your Security?

Take care and thanks for your comment. This type of software needs to be physically installed on your phone — they need it in their hands for 5 minutes. Without any access your phone will be safe. Thanks for the question. If I think someone is using spyware and monitoring my iPhone, will blocking their telephone number through my service provider prevent them from continued spying?

No definitely not!

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If you have spy software on your phone, just blocking any number will not stop it — it must be removed. Check my article about how to remove monitoring software. Does just updating my iOS really work?

Protecting yourself

Update or do a factory reset then change your password and login and that should stop them. You could also just stop using iCloud backup — to be safe. What if you just change and use a different apple id associated with the phone after its only been accessed by mspy using a prior apple id? Yes — a new Apple acount and ID and password would secure the device again. Alternatively you could use a different backup system.