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  1. Find your Windows phone AFTER it’s already lost/stolen
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Let's work together to keep the conversation civil. This feature keeps track of all the places and their locations you have visited with your phone. With the help of Google Maps, you can now track the location of your device in the form of a timeline. Wondering how? Just simply follow these steps below. Have you ever reached in to your pocket to pull out your phone and realised that it is missing?

What if the phone is stolen? Did you accidentally drop it somewhere? What happens to the data, images and contacts? With the help of Google Maps , you can now track the location of your device in the form of a timeline. View comments Post a comment. Characters Remaining: Continue without login. Login from existing account Facebook Email.

Share on Facebook Share on Twitter. All Comments Your Activity. In the default screen select the three dots menu in top right. Select Whatsapp Web.

Find your Windows phone AFTER it’s already lost/stolen

Now if anyone has accessed web portal using your account and has access to it, it will show there Currently active. With Google Chrome logo and Operating system name. Like windows 10 pc etc. There is a option below the list of devices in blue test that says "log out from all computers". Select that. You will be logged out from all portals which has access to your whatsapp. Hey, i have scaned my friends whatapp on my mobile So if I delete messages from my phone they will automatically delete from the pc?

I set this up and clicked the button always keep me logged on. I believe the phone is the master and the pc actions the phone so the messages would delete from both devices. Whatsupp can't register with my new phone number on my Nokia lumia is need old number that I lost and I forget I have setup whatsapp web on my Moto X play. Every time I open up web. This is happening after me selecting 'Keep me signed in' checkbox. Can anybody tell me where am I going wrong in the whole process? How to disable Web whatsapp?

I have enabled my Web whatsapp on my personal laptop however , the laptop is now being shared. Hence would like to know how to disable it. Will there be a feature to alert the user if someone is accessing my account on another device? There should be a way to restrict others from using my account. I hv activated my gf WhatsApp web on my pc.. I need that in my pc. If you don't, where can it be found after you close it? Cannot Access media photos, videos, audio in-line. I can't download any media directly to My PC. It's been 3 days since I used whatsapp Web on chrome.

Now will I automatically be logged off and should I again show the system the QR code? Hi, I need to change the phone number on my PC. I can't access the account details as it is not available under the WEB version. I this issue, I sent a couple of photo's to my group. I only can download them by selecting them one by one.


How to Share Location on WhatsApp | NDTV Gadgetscom

I can select a number of messages to forward to other contacts but i can't select all of them to download at once. This will help communicate to the team without even team using whatsapp which will affect the business. How do I transfer all chats to My Drive? My phone storage is full and will not allow the transfer from my phone. I am pretty sure that whatsapp web can be used by iPhone now, they updated it One question, is there a way to keep me logged in? Or is it not possible? I have logged out of all computers on my whatsapp - now i cant scan the barcode or do you think i had a internet connection issue?

Can it be used on tablet and if phone relies on wifi for Internet connections which are therefore not continuous? Re-syncing when connection via wifi. Hi, Is it possible to check which laptop exactly accessed my whatsapp web before, even if I logged them out already. I suspect my whatsapp to be hacked.

But I do not know by who. I using what Sapp , yesterday my phone appear "one message" request upgrade. How to recover back? If I upgrade my history message its it will be lost? My keyboard has been disable and I figure out how to enable it. I must have put it in my pocket without putting the phone in sleep mode. I would like to be able to search for a particular part of a whatsapp web conversation using a keyword or phrase - currently have to manually scroll back to find what I want. Is there a way for the smiley face made this way : turn into a picture emoji without the need to open emoji palette?

I would like to see a way to quickly change between conversations, like using keyboard shortcuts I can do everything you can't do. I can use my phone and PC at the same time. Yeah, it does now, it wasn't supported when it first rolled out. That's when this article was written :.

Thanks for this valuable brief; in Whatsapp Web Enter Key always make send; however it is difficult to type multi formatted lines? I hv activated my frnd WhatsApp web on my pc.. I need that in my ph. Hi, is there any way to make the emoticons appear in the pop-ups on whatsapp web? Because whenever my friends send me emoticons, they all appear as square emoticons at the pop-ups. And to view what the pop-ups really are i have to personally go and click to see inside the whatsapp web page.

Hope to hear from you soon. Logged into WhatsApp Web, when download media pics, videos , does media get downloaded via mobile using mobile data or using corporate internet? Can someone help me. Now that person is able to see all my WhatsApp chats. How can I permanently disable that "WhatsApp on the Web" account? I have logged off all the logins once on my mobile but the next day it was found logged in. Meanwhile, that person has not touched my phone.

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That sounds really inconvenient and frustrating for you. I've never heard of this happening and it's interesting as the barcode is changed every few seconds. Have you tried uninstalling whatsapp and reinstalling it and setting it up using your number again? If you don't know, you don't say!! Uninstalling wouldn't help it.

All yo have to do is Log out from all devices which can be done in only few steps from the mobile device. You can go to your web whatsapp and just delete that device if you pust the plus butten on the upper right of the screen :. Hello, please i have problems accessing whatsapp services. Is there anyway to turn off notifications for whatsapp on phone while being online via computer? I am using windows phone and my laptop is running on windows 8. My whatsapp videos aren't send properly Hello I have a mp3 file with an image tag. If i change my whatsapp acc.

How do I clear browser login details from my BlackBerry phone? It's rather annoying to see past logins. Thank you Mihir for such a quick response. Those Chrome extensions just simplify the access to official WhatsApp Web client. Next time I should not repeat the registration. They do not replace WhatsApp itself. But I just try to understand which is better. Thank you for the review.

Despite there are many reviews for WhatsApp Web I find this one to be interesting. I am a novice WhatsApp user. This app is not popular in Ukraine. Viber kicks ass, as well as Hangouts does. I just started to study WhatsApp just to see the difference.

I tried this one [Broken Link Removed] It's free. I do not know why : That extension does the same that free alternatives do. How do you find those extensions? Which is better on you opinion? Thank you! Hey Evgeniy, thanks for the kind words. I wouldn't recommend using anything except the official WhatsApp Web client. WhatsApp has been banning accounts of people using alternative WhatsApp apps on Android, so it's best to play it safe with the Web version too. Plus, this way, you are guaranteed that your chats are encrypted and safe, which is a risk with third-party clients.

My QR code on web. Please someone help me. I've run disk cleaning of my computer. After that my web whatsapps does not display properly While the app works fine it can be quite confusing for many people. On all my devices, smartphone, tablet, laptop, netbook and PCs I have localised the date display format. Unless the date is greater than 13th one could mess up in responding or misread it. Why won't it display the date as per the setting of the device? There is no option to set it either!!!! Even US style alphanumeric display like April 15, just like on my smartphone would be fine!

I have downloaded whats app web on my laptop. I just updated whatsapp as it told me I was using an outdated application. I record audios via whatsapp broadcasts and sometimes email the recording. Now when I press 'forward' it no longer gives me the email option. Please can someone help with this? HI all WA Web is all the things it is reported to be.

It would be very nice to use it as a sync for transferring chats from an old smartphone to a new one for instance. I have tried but it doesn't seem to be possible. Can anyone tell me if there is a way to use it for that? I am moving from a Samsung to an iPhone. I got the same problem.

In the scanner most of my screen is black and I don't succeed to scan the QR code. On other forums they tell you to keep your phone a bit farther from the screen or move it a bit to the left. I'm using a Sony Xperia U. I have a question: on my PC, whatsapp web only works when whatsapp in running on my windowsphone 8.

When the phone's screen turns of, or the app is in the background, my whatsapp web connection stops. Am i doing somwthing wrong? Please respond! Can anyone out there explain me y I can't take photo from my whatsapp? I was using a note1 n was getting this problem. It goes directly to videos.. I have to take photos',it goes in my gallery. Then select from my gallery n send in my watsapp convo I I changed my mob. I took a A Wat do I do now? Pliz help guys.. I checked if my device was able to scan QR-codes through a third-party scanner and it worked.

I tried everything, from reseting my device to factory settings, to forced-quit whatsapp, to reloading this page, to trying on different computers. But nothing helped so far Hi, Is it possible to hide the list of PCs connected to whatsapp web in cellphone? Is it possible to disconnect PC connection from cellphone? Hi, I'm having a serious problem loading the QR code on my Chrome browser.

I use a Macbook Air and own a Samsung phone with the updated version of Whatsapp. A circular loading bar keeps spinning endlessly. Please guide me, this is getting tiresome. It just keeps loading, and doesn't display a QR code. I have the latest versions of Chrome on my laptop and Whatsapp on my phone. A lot of forums claim an adware called 'SuperFish' seems to be the problem, but I haven't got that either.

Please help. I just read your comment and realize you had the same problem that i do now. Did you solve it? I'm afraid I haven't been able to solve this matter. Please, help me out in turn if and when you resolve this error. Sorry, and thank you. Have you got any reliable web base application for e-leave management whereby the employee only need to apply for leave using WhatsApp and the e-leave management records will be updated by itself.

How to Track Friends Using iPhone or Android.

The notification for each time when an employee applied for leave, will be sent to the employer and reply with reject or approve. Seek your advise. Any idea on the possibility of having 2 whattsapp accounts connected to one PC? I have a personal and a work phone with whattsapp on both numbers. I think it would be great if we could access whatsapp web on multiple computers.

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At our company we have a lot of clients that want to access us through whatsapp too, but we don't want our employees using their personal phone for that. We are getting a mobile phone so the whole office could use it, but if everybody could access the same account on their computers would be a perfect solution. I am trying to send audio over whatsapp web. Could someone please tell me how to delete media simultaneously from whatsapp and my mobile device as well?

Sadly I can't find the option anywhere and thus I have to delete unwanted media files from two different places- whatsapp chats and phone gallery! I am very happy with the web version as it has given me the freedom to type with good speed through my pc's keyboard. Only one complaint, the timings of the message sent or received are different in the mobile and in my pc and hence the messages in my mobile are not arranged in a chronological order after I switched it off in my pc.

Rubbish, blackberry bold doesn't even show the whatsapp web option at all even after I updated it. Go to WhatsApp Web on your phone, you'll see a list of all the computers it is currently connected to. Disconnect as you see fit :. And why the whatsapp web disconnects when I activate my whatsapp number on another phone.

Nope, scanning is the only way. WhatsApp Web is essentially your phone's WhatsApp, just displaying on your screen. So the phone serves as a "key" of sorts. The "key" has to stay in the keyhole all the time. If the WhatsApp Web tab is in focus and a conversation is open with someone, and that someone sends you a message, then that gets marked as "read". You missed another important thing that it can't Forwarding messages. I hope they'll add this soon. Oh wow, that's a great catch! You're totally right, it doesn't forward messages, I completely missed that.

Thanks for pointing it out, Abey! Could I ask you? If I am online on my PC , can my friends using their phone see me online? Thank you for your answer Is it possible to silent notification tones on phone while using whatsapp web on a pc?! I keep on chatting on my lappy, n my phone keeps on crying on the table. It's very annoying! I went to chats, menu button and saw no whatsapp web option. Is it possible to use whatsapp Web services on a second phone which is cdma and has no data plan just wifi? Iam not able to access my phone gallery during attache file option is it possible?

WhatsApp hasn't said anything officially, but I think it's completely remote. It's all on your phone. It is sending out random emails to everyone in my address book asking them to "listen:"to a message -- and yet, there is no message! How do I get it to stop? How do I get rid of it completely? I lived a very happy and fulfilled life prior to this and now I am stressed about getting nasty emails from my friends and relatives asking me to remove them from my address book if I keep sending these random emails! I am getting a similar problem, I'm receiving a 'message' on whatsapp from someone I don't know.

Is it a fishing scam? I don't use the app, and have no interest in using it. Am just as fed up as Eileen! Hey Mihir Great post. Enjoyed reading the new features of WhatsApp Web. A small question however. Now is there any way that I can first 1 Take a pic of the QR code at web.

Find Location of Whatsapp Contacts

Is there any way to sync the two. Is there anyway that I can address this problem. Thanks in advance. Can u pls tell me y I m not able to see setting option in particular grp. I want to set different setting for different grp. My frn is havng dat option but I dnt. Pls rpl. Same problem here. The QR code does not generate. I am using a Lenovo yoga 2 pro - Google chrome version is Same as so many other people here,QR code does not load at all. If we think it is bandwidth issue, then i have good speed internet. I use Nexus 4 and i have installed latest chrome on my desktop.

Desktop chrome version is You've updated your WhatsApp too, right? If you're using WhatsApp Plus or any other third-party app, you need to uninstall that too. I am having a similar problem to a few posters here in that the WhatsApp Web page will open but the QR code never loads, just a constant spinning circle. I am on my personal laptop on my home network, newest version of Chrome and have tried restarting and clearing my cache.

Also tried turning off extensions like AdBlock and PushBullet but none made any difference. Any assistance would be appreciated. Sorry Paul, I wish I could help you out, but I haven't experienced this myself or know anyone personally who has. Have you tried using it on another laptop and seen if it works there? That might tell us whether the problem is with the computer or the phone.

Opening web.

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  7. But on an Android tablet it suggest to download the WhatsApp Messenger which leads to the Google play version that is not compatible with the device since it is not a phone. How should one navigate around these obstacles? For example, if I have to write long messages, it's more confortable writing them with a real keyboard instead of the smartphone virtual keyboard. Think it as an extension of your smartphone: you could connect a real keyboard to the smartphone to write faster and an external storage USB key or hard disk, network share, etc They'll be in your temporary internet cache.

    Run CCleaner or something and they'll be cleaned up. I'm not sure. I've searched for this on the Web and no one has a clear answer. Most people think the messages are all on your phone, not on your computer. Ive gone to the website on my nexus 7 and request desktop site, how ever the QR only half shows, I've tried rotating and resizing but it won't show all the code. Anyone else have this issue?

    Requesting desktop site won't work, you need the Chrome desktop browser. Basically, this won't work with your Nexus 7. For me works fine, but i want to know if i can configure media download like smartphone app. I don't think so. I think the assumption here is that if you're using WhatsApp Web, you're connected to broadband and don't have data restrictions. Pretty silly, I agree! If you grant it access, yes. You can also remotely disconnect that through WhatsApp Web on your phone. I am using incognito window on google chrome to access "web.

    It is not in my default download folder in chrome. It'll be in the same place, Rahul. It would be nice to save conversation directly from Whatsapp Web, in a HTML formatted version, with colors, graphics and link to received or sent images, videos and audio clips, that could be later viewed in a browser Whatsapp on the smartphone is only able to save a TXT chat, without emoji and without direct link to the files of images or videos. At current time, there's no way to save a well-formatted chat from Whatsapp Web. Do you know if anybody has developed a Chrome Extension to do this task?

    Hmmm interesting. A quick search didn't reveal any such extension. Hopefully if someone develops one, they'll drop a line here :. So some reason the QR code isn't loading similar to user David Kinlay. When I open the link the page loads, however the act code isn't loading. I tired restarting my browser and even my computer, but it still doesn't load.

    Don't know what else could be the problem. I am working on an office computer which restricts some website but this doesn't seem to be the problem as the webpage loads up, just not the code. Is anyone else having similar problems? The page is not loading. No, that's a common error when you're using a proxy. Maybe disable the proxy and use a direct connection?

    I am using Chrome Whatsapp supports only chrome I am behind firewall, chrome update is white listed but somehow, chrome is not able to upgrade. It suggests to whitelist update already done. I have written to chrome team also but no response yet. Could some one help me. If you've whitelisted, it should be fine. They go to the folder where all your downloads in Chrome go. I'm trying to get WhatsApp Web on my tablet, but when I load the web. Any idea how I can overcome this? I don't think it works on tablets unless you're using a Windows tablet.

    It requires the desktop version of Chrome, and just requesting the desktop site doesn't do the trick on Android or iOS. I am using chrome ok n nexus 7 tablet and web. Is it True that it doesn't work on any tablets? Not even Google own tablet nexus 7? I have the same trouble. WhatsApp on web do work on android tablets need to check the "request desktop site" in browser though but for some reason the layout itself forces parts of the code outside the screen view on my Nexus 7 as well zooming out won't help making it unable to scan properly Very annoying.

    It's only in the official WhatsApp app. In fact, WhatsApp is rejecting accounts of those using third-party apps like WhatsApp Plus, so you might want to consider shifting to the official client. Is it possible to stop the web browser automatically connecting and loading my chats? Think of it like your email. If you stay signed in, anyone can read it. If you log out, your privacy is guaranteed. Same thing here. So even in cloning the features of Viber they did a half baked job!

    I really wonder why Viber has not displaced Whats app altogether. Viber is available on ALL platforms as also supports audio conversation. Best part is, unlike whatsapp, it is tied to the number and not to the instrument. BTW audio conversation is still missing. I honestly think there are plenty of great IM apps out there which can give WhatsApp a run for its money. No idea why this one is more successful. No, that's false information.

    It doesn't work in iPhone, but iMacs are fine. I've tried it on my MacBook and it's super smooth. It's not a total lack of support on all things Apple. WhatsApp hasn't officially said why, but some sites like The Verge are reporting it's because iOS restricts background multitasking and push notifications. I am a little concerned, as I have just connected my WhatsApp Web after removing all WhatsApp media from my phones memory. You know, so any the pictures in the chats appear blurry and when pressed, they show the message "Sorry, this media file doesn't exist on your SD card.

    I'm not happy with this as they are obviously stored somewhere without my knowledge or consent. Is there any way around this? Try clicking any of the image. If image is there a big version is shown or else, the same no image message pops up. The images you're seeing are mere thumbnails which may not be actual image.

    I'm curious to hear about this. Bikas's logic seems sound, so could you click a thumbnail and get back to us? Can sombody help me out i have updated whatsapp from their website directly but its still not showing whatsapp web in my whatsapp menu??? I use the website updates too, but it's working fine.

    Which version are you on? Not able to scan the qr code. Phone : Xperia U Also when i tried to take the screenshot of this issue, there is no black screen in the saved screenshot image. I am experiencing the same issue with my Sony Xperia U phone. Did any of people get a solution to the problem? I have the same problem. Just point your camera as if you were not seeing the screen. Point it making sure your objective is in front of the code and at a distance so the QR code would fit into the square green box.

    The problem is that the image shown on the screen is shifted to the right and so the left black part is in fact the result of spanning the left margin. The best part of it is, once you are home on your desktop or Laptop you can confine yourself to that alone for updating your social networking.

    And Google input tools work too! Texting in regional languages in their primitive type writer layout on the desktop itself is an added advantage. Would be appreciated on having more controls from the web version itself like deleting posts and so. Hope this technical issue will be taken care of!