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Dell Mobile Connectin määrittäminen iOS-puhelimille

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I am not visually impaired, I am a quadriplegic resulting from a spinal cord injury.

About Announce Messages with Siri

I cannot use my fingers so it would have to be completely hands free. Can anyone suggest an app or way to set up my phone?

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I am using an iPhone 7plus running ios Thank you! Welcome to AppleVis. Do you use Voiceover?

Siri Bluetooth Trick for iPhone - Speak Text

Would you be willing to use it? I believe that if you want to use Voiceover you, can then have it read all of your notifications.

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Using Siri you could also reply to them. I have tried Voiceover. I cannot think of anything Apple could ever develop that is more frustrating than Voiceover.

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  6. I was hoping there is an app available that would work better. The only thing I can think of is using Hey Siri to at least read and respond to new messages.

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    Android now has a feature called "Voice Access" that is designed specifically to allow you to operate the entire device without physically touching the screen. There are even voice commands to perform normal gestures. Siri in iOS 13 can optionally read texts out loud to you through your AirPods or Powerbeats Pro, as soon as they arrive, allowing for true hands-free messaging when your hands are busy. Being able to quickly listen, and respond, to an incoming message is no doubt an awesome enhancement.

    No more are you required to double-tap an AirPod in order to summon Siri and ask her to read out loud the text you just received.

    sms - How to programmatically read incoming text messages on iOS - Stack Overflow

    According to Apple, if notifications have been turned off for a particualr messaging app, enabling Announce Messages with Siri will also turn back on notifications. Built-in infotainment systems are getting more advanced, but they sound far from human, nor will most let you verbally reply to a text message. But for those tempted to pick up their phone to read and reply to messages, at the very least use one of these safer options instead. The process is similar with Android Auto: First connect your Android smartphone, and when you want to access something, press the button on the steering wheel, which activates Google Assistant, and then ask a question or give a command.

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    Google Assistant will read it back to you to ensure your dictated message sounds accurate before you send it. Be aware, however, Android Auto will not read your email to you without a third-party app see below. While other automakers offer some limited Alexa functionality — such as basic in-vehicle commands or starting your vehicle remotely — with these new models you can ask everything from music and audiobooks to directions and recommended destinations to weather and sports scores to even controlling your smart home devices while on the road such as asking Alexa to adjust the air conditioner or turn on the lights.