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It only takes a few seconds: You leave your phone on a counter in the store and walk away, or someone bumps into you on the street and lifts your phone right out of a pocket or bag without you even noticing. Losing a phone, be it from theft or an honest mistake, is a stressful experience. Not only does it cut off your access to the rest of the world, but your phone is the most personal device you own. In the event your phone goes missing, don't panic!

There are tools built into every Android phone that make it possible to lock and track down a lost phone with ease. But until then, you'll need to take some steps to set yourself up for success.

2. Track Samsung Live Location with "Samsung Find My Mobile"

Do yourself a favor and turn on passcode and fingerprint authentication. Do yourself another favor and don't use facial recognition on your Android device. The technology used for facial recognition on most Android devices can be easily tricked with something as simple as a photo of your face.

Facial authentication could get more secure if Android Q does indeed add official support for secure Face ID-like authentication to Android as reports have suggested. I realize scanning a fingerprint or entering a PIN code every time you want to use your phone can be inconvenient, but the idea of someone having access to your photos, banking apps, email and the rest of your personal info is downright scary.

An extra step to unlock your phone is worth the effort when you consider the potential impact of exposing your personal info to a stranger. Find My Device is what you'll use should your phone ever go missing to track, remotely lock and remotely erase it. Find My Device should be turned on. If not, slide the switch to the On position and exit out of the Settings app.

Samsung Android 8.x Guide

If you've signed in to your Samsung account on a Galaxy phone, you should be good to go. However, it's a good idea to double check. Not only does it give you a backup service to track down a lost phone, but it also gives you tools that Find My Device doesn't have. With Samsung's service, you can do things like force remote backups or see if someone has swapped out your SIM card. You must have a Samsung account to use Find My Mobile. If you signed into your Samsung account during the initial device setup, the Find My Mobile should already be enabled.

Re: What to do to activate mobile tracker on Samsung android smart phone?

If not, take a few seconds to sign into your Samsung account and enable Find My Mobile. Using Android's baked-in service requires you to remember one thing: android. That website is where you'll go in the unfortunate event that you lose your phone. Mobile tracking has become very important in this era, where people live a hectic life. Since smartphones have become a very crucial part of our lives, losing it can be very troublesome. Moreover, since parents always worry about their kid's safety, they can track their kid's mobile phone location and know where they go at a time.

Find My Mobile from Samsung allows users to track the location of their lost device, as well as lock, reset, or backup their device remotely. Since you can also track the location of your device, you can also use this app to find your lost device, or track someone's location. Step 3: Then, you need to select the target Samsung device in the Find My Mobile online interface and track its location. Aside from the official Samsung phone tracker app Find My Mobile, you can also use other third-party GPS tracker apps to track your Samsung device's location.

You just need to install and enable the tracking app on the target device that you want to track and then you will e able to find its location remotely from any device by signing in to your online web login. There are many different types of these GPS tracker apps present on the internet, but if asked "what is the best tracking app to track my Samsung phone", then KidsGuard Pro would be the answer you get.

KidsGuard Pro is an Android parental control app that allows a user to track or monitor all the activities of a target device including real-time location.

Samsung mobile phone with mobile tracker - Call location tracker

Since the app must be installed in advance in case you want to track a lost phone, it is more useful for real-time location tracking especially for parents who want to track the location of their kids. To know how to track a Samsung phone using KidsGuard Pro app, follow the below steps -. Try It Now View Demo. Step 2: Visit www.

Then download and install KidsGuard Pro app on it. Step 5: Then log in to your web portal and select Location option from the side panel to track the location of the Samsung device. This option is a very good option and get you the mobile number of the new sim inserted. This is very helpful when the mobile is stolen. Mobile Tracker This application is useful when you lose your phone. You can find the lost phone with the help of this application. But the phone must be in the network coverage area.

If the SIM is changed in the phone, it will send an sms to a preset number in the phone with the location details. Join Date Jul Posts 1, Thats it!!

Mobile tracker / anti-theft for Android phone with Avast

Join Date Sep Location new delhi Posts Open it and configure it for your phone. You can give 4 of your contact numbers, when any other sim card will be inserted into the phone ,the 4 contact persons will be notified by message. You can also customize that message.. Thank you. Hi Friend, Follow the steps to enable the mobile tracker Tap on Home screen. Tap on Location and security Tap on Mobile tracker Configure the number for which you want to send messages Enable it. Hope it will useful for you Thank You. Join Date Aug Posts 4. It will tell you about changed sim card, then you can find it easily.

Thank You. Later I lost the password and the sim card. Join Date Oct Posts Hello Dear, Mobile Tracker is a very special app which allows us to track your lost phone. It gives us the details of its location etc. This is done so that if your phone got lost and somebody tries to change the SIM then a message will come on your given numbers. By this you can track your phone Join Date Oct Posts 1, Hello friend, I will help you to solve your problem,don't worry just follow as i say.

Firstly go to the main menu of your phone. Now tap on the option of 'Settings' tab. Now tap on the option of 'Location and Security' tab. Now you will be prompted with a new menu consisting of some options in it. Now in that menu tap on the options of 'Find my Mobile'. Now under that menu check in all the options but it requires working data connection. That's it your problem will be solved. All the best Dear For activating mobile tracker on samsung android smart phone follow these steps: Go to settings.

Click location and security option. Choose mobile tracker option. Click on option.

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Now you can done the activation of mobile tracker. Thank you! Hello Do not worry, Just Relax. This is not a big issue, Just do the following steps. Go to the main menu.

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  8. Tap on to the Settings. Now tap on to the security. Now choose the option Mobile Tracer. Follow the steps accordingly. Then enable this feature for your phone.